Body Conscious to Body Confident


Body Conscious to Body Confidence is hosted by me, Danni Vee a place where you will get clarity and direction in life and tools to learn how to build an open and understanding relationship with yourself, your body & those around you. 

Learn how to set loving boundaries (and stick to them with confidence). Boundaries for yourself, your family and your peers. No more feeling resentment or burn out because you’re doing everything.

 We will work on giving you a rock solid sense of self-worth and self-respect for your body and mind. I want to help you learn to love yourself again, to stop putting yourself last. To know that you deserve to have more.

You will have the knowledge and tools that you need to help you get to where you want to be, and the belief and support to get you there.

 It’s like having me in your back pocket, supporting, encouraging and coaching you to remind you that life is for living, to enjoy life to the fullest, that we’re only here once. If not now, then when?

I’d like to offer you an exclusive invite to my 8 week Transformation Program, with a community of strong women (just like you) who are getting stronger.


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