I am so soooo excited that you are taking this time to invest in yourself, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Did you know that it is possible to live your life to the fullest, waking up in the morning feeling excited and ready for the day ahead and going to bed at night feeling grateful for your health and everything in your life right now?









I am so sooo excited that
you are taking this time to
invest in yourself, because


You’re exhausted from giving so much.

To work, to your family, your friends and in your relationships.
Although you want to look after yourself you’ve got stuck in a cycle of not enough time/not enough energy and it’s so frustrating. And you’re not getting any younger.

You’re burnt out, putting on weight, feeling unhealthy and you don’t know what to do next.

Diets haven’t worked (or not for long). Your friends can’t help and your partner “loves you just the way you are”. You’ve got a strong feeling that anytime now this facade you’ve created is going to crack.

But you haven’t lost hope that you can turn things around.
In fact you’re pretty determined that you WILL find your way back to yourself, you just need a bit of a helping hand and a crew around you.

I’m Danni Vee and my mission in life is to help you rise up, thrive, shine and love life unconditionally. You deserve this and more.


Meet Danni Vee

Sue McLachlan Online Business Strategist and Kajabi Expert

Mind + Body Mentor

Hi, I'm Danni Vee...

…and helping women become healthier in mind, body and soul is my superpower!

I’m a qualified personal trainer, health and wellness coach and a mindset mentor, and I take a holistic and intuitive approach to online fitness, diet and nutrition coaching. 

Nothing makes me happier than watching women embrace body positivity, learn to love themselves and become stronger, smarter and more empowered. It’s the best thing EVER and it’s what drives my personal and professional passion.

My main focus is helping my clients build positive, kick-ass, run-the-world attitudes. When women arm themselves with a strong, powerful mindset, then healthy exercise and nutrition choices just come naturally and their confidence and self-esteem soar.

I’m a mother, a mistake maker, a risk taker and because of this, I’m forever learning, changing and evolving. I use all of my experiences, knowledge and skills to support my clients and their goals, with a caring, loving and empathetic approach.

Sue McLachlan Online Business Strategist and Kajabi Expert

The Vee Fam!


When I am not motivating my fabulous ladies I am spending time with my amazing family!

Together we love to play board games, swim in our beautiful pool and go to the beach. All being together is our favourite time no matter what we are doing x

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