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I empower leaders and entrepreneurs to embrace their true selves, radiating confidence and authenticity as they redefine success in business and life.


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Sue McLachlan Online Business Strategist and Kajabi Expert

Hi, I'm Danni

With over 10 years experience partnering with leadership teams in various industries, including professional services, health and wellbeing, general practitioners, allied health services, and CEOs of many organisations, I am passionate about building and nurturing customised leadership and employee experiences. 

My primary objective is to empower individuals in unlocking their fullest potential and delivering optimal performance. Employing a methodology that incorporates selfreflection, clarifying self-awareness, facilitating professional advancement, language, communication, and fostering trust-based relationships, I formulate customised strategies that deeply resonate with all my clients. 

I am committed to establishing a secure and supportive environment where individuals can explore their deeply ingrained beliefs, values, and cognitive patterns that impact their behaviours in professional settings. 

By nurturing this introspective journey, my clients gain valuable insights into their own leadership styles, communication approaches, and overall engagement, resulting in heightened effectiveness and a more influential presence in their professional roles.

I possess a comprehensive understanding of the unique intricacies of leadership and an unwavering dedication to helping leaders maximise their strengths and capabilities.

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Samantha Miklos

(CEO/Founder Cornerstone Medical Recruitment)

"Danni has an incredibly warm, engaging approach and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! We achieved so much in our sessions because she was able to assist me to clarify the best goals and put such great consideration into each session." 

Here's how you're going to do it:

Embrace Fearless Vulnerability:

I guide you to embrace vulnerability as a source of strength, unlocking your true potential and helping you thrive in all areas of your life. 

Unleash Unstoppable Confidence:

Through powerful mindset techniques, I help you cultivate unwavering confidence that propels your business forward and allows you to step into your leadership potential. 

Amplify Your Impact:

By combining neuro-linguistic techniques with leadership principles, I empower you to elevate your influence, inspire others, and make a meaningful difference in the world. 

Optimal Well-being:

I provide strategic guidance in movement and fuelling your body for optimal focus, enhancing your well-being and vitality for peak performance and sustained success.

Divine Authentic Leadership:

I support and guide you in embracing your authentic power with clarity, compassion, and a profound sense of self-love and acceptance. Step into leadership with confidence and purpose.

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Ashe Coxon

(General Practitioner and Medical Career ounsellor)

" Danni has helped me in pretty much every aspect I needed - Business coaching, personal growth, confidence coaching and wellbeing. She is the whole package!

I have seen Danni present at conferences and workshops, and her ability to connect with an audience is phenomenal, her messaging is so well presented and she has a magical ability to transform a room and make everyone in the room walk away happy, energise and engaged. " 

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