Jul 26, 2020


Are you telling yourself stories so you don’t have to get started??

I’ve certainly come across some very well thought out excuses as to WHY women will NOT invest in themselves, be that time or money. 

Through my many years as a Women’s Health Expert, I have found the greatest road block to women taking care of their health is not wanting to make time for themselves.  Yes, that’s right I said “wanting”, it may be on a subconscious level but when you say no to self care, YOU are making the choice to NOT put your own health first.…….

The top 5 excuses I regularly hear as to why women won’t put themselves first are:

  1. I don’t have TIME
  2. I’m not fit enough
  3. My kids come first, they need me
  4. I don’t have enough money right now
  5. I feel guilty doing anything for me (check out last week’s blog on Mummy Guilt here)

So many women are searching for happiness and fall into the trap of thinking that if all of 'your people' are happy then you will automatically be happy too…..but how can YOU be happy when your tank is EMPTY??

Do you find yourself searching for more all the time, sinking into excuses to NOT look after YOU??

I know I certainly do.  The biggest ones in the past for me have been time and money.  I chose to NOT invest in my own health and wellbeing, even though I always found the time and money to go for lunch with my friends, grab a coffee, get my hair done and the list goes on!!

I was always making the time to say YES to those around me and inevitably saying NO to me...and the things that nourished my health.  I very quickly discovered that happiness is only as complicated as we choose to make it!

Finding YOUR happiness doesn’t have to include huge changes. 

It’s about making priorities that suit YOU and finding focus in your own needs and desires.  So often the answers to this are standing right in front of you.

After digging deep into the excuses I made for myself, I decided to reframe my story. Have a read below and see if this rings true for you as well. 


When you want something desperately enough you will MAKE TIME!  Start out with just 10 minutes a day.  You can go for a walk, do some yoga or a fast paced HIIT workout. If you’re a mummy with kids at home, find a class where you can take the kids (My Fit Tribe offers loads of these online and in North Brisbane).  Get up that little bit earlier or if you’re a night owl, go to bed that little bit later.  Spend LESS time on Social Media and MORE time living the fabulous life you deserve! 


Are you ever going to feel fit enough/good enough when you aren’t believing in yourself or believing yourself worthy?  There is ALWAYS going to be someone who is more fit than you. Yes, always!  The only way you are going to get “fit enough” is by starting, so join a class today or start by going for a simple walk and start living the life you deserve today!

It may seem daunting getting started, but when you find the right tribe, you realise that you don't need to compare yourself to others. Everyone is rocking their own journey...and ready to support you on yours.


Oh, yes they do and that’s perfectly ok, HOWEVER, what type of help are you going to be to your kids if your physical and mental health is not at its optimum.  When you are putting yourself last you are also teaching your children to put themselves last as adults….something to think about.  If you don’t look after YOU, you won’t be around or be the BEST MUM that you can be for them.  When you make time for yourself you are content, working at your optimum and really appreciate that time you do have with your beautiful babies.

I used to often make this excuse to not do anything!!  BUT I learnt that if I put my own needs first and look after my own health I am going to be such a better role model to my kids!  Like I said earlier, if you want them to be with you, join a class where you can take them, go for a walk with them.  You are doing such an amazing job being a great role model to your kids and showing them that your health and fitness is a priority in yours and their life.


I’d like to know when we ever feel like we have enough money?  Throughout my career as a Women’s Health Specialist,  I have come across this excuse quite a lot.  Some of the time it truly is a legitimate excuse and when people tell me they don’t have money I know they honestly believe it, however….at the same time most people don’t stop and think how much money they spend on their daily coffee, takeout, nails, hair, waxing and the list goes on.  None of these mentioned are a NECESSITY but your health is....and unfortunately a lot of the places we spend our money are detrimental to our health. 

YOU are important and deserve to live the most fabulous life.  So, before you cut back on health activities, take stock of where your money is truly going.  Get out the bank statement or draft a simple budget. And if the money really isn't there, don't forget that it's free to walk, free to download a mindfulness app, free to dance around the house...


I know this feeling all too well.  When I became a mum, I had no idea how “guilty” I would feel for taking just 5 minutes for myself.  The word “guilty” means “responsible for a specific wrong doing”….so I ask you…what are you doing wrong?? The simple answer is NOTHING!  You are doing everything right when you make time for YOU, so enjoy that down time so you can appreciate the crazy times when they arrive.

I would be lying to you if I said that creating a super fabulous life where self care and your health is a priority is easy. And I won't lie and say that others may 'attempt' to weigh in on your life, your choices & try to label you.

But let's be clear - it is NOT selfish to look after your health!! 

Imagine if you used just a percentage of the the energy that goes toward creating and maintaining the happiness of others and directed it to yourself? How quickly would you be able to create this incredible happiness you have been searching for for so long...and imagine the flow on effect of your happiness to your people!

Are you happy with YOU right now gorgeous?  Because YOU deserve to be.

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