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I know life is crazy for you right now!

You used to be able to burn off that overloading anxiety and frustration at the gym. Or by hanging out with your friends. You’re juggling EVERYTHING and afraid your health is going to the wayside.

The juggle is real and you just don’t know how you will ever get back that motivation to build a strong and healthier YOU again….

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Sound like you?

  • Downloading all the freebies that promise to deliver the greatest results, but they never do?
  • Phone and inbox are filled with all those unused/unwatched/unread freebies that you continue to sign up for?
  • Overwhelmed at HOW you are going to look after your health, while life is so different right now
  • Missing the social interaction you once so effortlessly had?
  • STILL haven’t managed to work out what it is you REALLY need!
  • Continue to feel stuck and you’re losing your will to stay motivated to keep fit and healthy.




The TRUTH is – most fads will work for you for an amount of time.

The TRICK is – to find out what works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

There’s a way to get fit and healthy.


And it’s easier than you think.

Introducing your secret weapon

My Fit Tribe Virtual!

Exercise with like-minded women & get great results quicker than you ever have before!

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Participate live

Real-time encouragement & technique guidance. Feel the vibe of your Tribe!


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Replay later

Can't make it live? No hassle, watch later on the MFT Virtual Portal.

Here's what you can expect with My Fit Tribe.

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Huge Variety of Exercises to Suit your Goals

With classes specifically designed to sculpt & strengthen women's bodies.

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Access on Any Device with Internet

Laptop, Android, iPhone, desktop, we have you covered!

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No Expiry Date on Uploaded Videos

A library of workouts at your fingertips.

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Love Your Body, Build Confidence, Take Time for YOU!

NOW, more than ever, self care is ESSENTIAL to be the best you can be for you and your family!

Virtual doesn't mean you'll be alone.

You have a whole Tribe on your side!

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Get Answers & Guidance for Your Goals

Real time support for all your health needs.

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Supportive Group of Like-Minded Women

Join the tribe and never feel alone again!

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Live means Live! Get Modifications Just for YOU!

Real time technique improvement - get results even faster than you imagined.

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Family Friendly. Babies & Fur Babies are Welcome to Class

We love seeing all the family join in on the workouts and become part of our tribe.

Danni & the Tribe are waiting for you.


Click on your membership and join today.


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Meet Danni Vee


Danni is passionate about inspiring women to love their bodies and empower their lives. As a qualified personal trainer, health and wellness coach and a mindset mentor, Danni takes a holistic and intuitive approach to her online fitness coaching. 


"A positive mindset is everything.
It’s a game-changer"


Her main focus is to build positive, kick-ass, run-the-world attitudes. Knowing that this mindset will promote healthy daily choices through exercise and nutrition.

Through life lessons and motherhood Danni takes a caring and intuitive approach to her clients. She often refers to her programs as a big, green, tasty smoothie – blending health and fitness + a sense of community + mindset coaching all into one trendy mason jar. 

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The Tribe is waiting for you.

Let's do it!

Here are some of the ladies you'll be joining...

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Kel Wilson

100% best thing I ever did! Danni is amazing! She has helped changed not only my body but my mindset too!

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Justine Silk

The virtual classes have kept me motivated to turn up and get it done! It is brilliant feeling connected to like-minded women with the real-time interaction.

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Kathryn Forster

When my youngest baby girl was at home I was apart of this fitness tribe that changed my WORLD for the BETTER 🙏  Danni Vee is absolutely Amazing with her passion of fitness and passion for positive LIFE 😍🙏

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