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Why reflecting in December is so important

Jan 22, 2021

I recently went LIVE in The Women's Health Collective facebook group with some questions that we can all use to help us reflect on 2020 throughout December, so we can enter 2021 already working toward the person that we want to be.

If you didn't get around the reflecting through December, there is no time like the present!

Don't wait till Monday, the beginning of next month or New Years, start now!

Questions to Journal on;
1. What are you most proud of achieving
2. How have you grown?
3. How have you changed? What do you want more of?
4. How are you going to make that happen?
5. What’s incomplete? What have you started but not finished? How are you going to make steps to do this before the end of December?
6. What are your top 3 priorities? What do you need to do to make these happen?
I can’t wait to hear how you go once you have made the time for YOU, reflected and become clear in where you are at and where you are going 💕💓🥰
Please share your answers in the comments OR if you feel more comfortable you can email me directly on [email protected]!

I look forward to seeing all your responses 

Love and light,

Danni xx

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