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Oct 14, 2020

FOOD FOR THOUGHT….You didn’t gain all your weight in one day;
you won’t lose it in one day either; Be KIND & PATIENT with yourself

I’m not going to lie to you and say that losing fat, changing habits and your mindset around your body is easy, it isn’t! However, there is simple steps you can take to make your journey so much more effortless and enjoyable along the way.

Being ready to put yourself first and take the first step is definitely going to be the biggest hurdle of all and to make it even easier I have collaborated 7 of my simple steps that have been tried and tested to help you create and journey that is filled with lots of wins and an inner calmness along the way….

Studies have discovered that yogi’s tend to eat more mindfully…so eating when they’re hungry and stopping when they’re full. Yoga teaches you calmness in the face of discomfort (hello crane pose) and will help eliminate stress. So why not join a class and get to creating greater eating habits effortlessly x

So often we eat our lunch at our desk because we have such a huge workload to get through that day and then we are too tired to even think about a family meal together so everyone sits in front of the TV and just “chows down” on the food in front of them not even stopping twice to consider how much is going in. Let’s not even get started on the phone scrolling that takes place while mindlessly eating/drinking!
Take the time to create a space for conversation or just quiet time while you enjoy your meals and notice the flavours of the food, enjoy the company you’re with and let go of the outside world for a while xx

Have you ever noticed yourself staring at an empty packet of pringles or lollies and
wondering where they all went?? This is so common especially when we are not “switched off” and just filling a void you don’t even realise you’re trying to fill (check out more about this on my blog - Are you eating your emotions)
To avoid eating the whole packet start portioning out your snacks on a small plate and eat only that. This way you can more easily monitor how much you’ve eaten.

So next time, take out the small plate in the pantry, place a handful of your favourite treat on there and stop when you finish the plate. So simple, yet so effective in dropping the kilos.

Swap to your least dominant hand to eat with your fork, the hand you don’t usually use.
This automatically slows you down and bring your attention back to your plate and how you are eating your meal. This will not only bring more mindfulness into your eating, studies have shown that with regular practice this fun little trick can increase your overall willpower.

This is a big one that I love to teach my nutrition clients! First of all, I don’t really like to consider food as good or bad, however, if you feel you are treating yourself with a “not so often” food do it in the morning. Why you ask? Research has proven that if you eat a bigger breakfast, including a little treat of chocolate or some type of dessert experience few if any cravings for these foods later in the day. Professor Daniela Jakubowicz found the at the end of 32 weeks those eating 2500kj breakfast (including chocolate) lost around 18kg MORE than those eating 1250kj breakfast with no special treat. So what a great excuse to have you cake and eat it too at breakfast time!

So gorgeous, there is definitely a theme here and I hope you have noticed it as you have read through these 5 super simple tips to help you lose the fat effortlessly.

MINDFULNESS eating is what will bring you so much joy AND help you drop those unwanted kilos.

Some little tricks on the brain and truly being in the present is something that will not only help you fuel your body to the optimum but also start living a life you truly passionately love.

Love and light
Danni xx


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