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Finding YOUR purpose through Journaling!

Jan 22, 2021
This is a big one ladies.
A taste of what my girls in my new membership program will be receiving twice a month on top of a live masterclass, monthly challenges and more!!
In this interview with the incredible Katie Lodge we talk all things finding YOUR purpose through journaling and what journaling can bring into your life!
Katie made the bold decision in 2019 to step into solopreneurship after experiencing burnout and realising that she needed to rediscover what she was truly passionate about.
Through the practice of journaling, reflection and self-discovery, Katie satisfied her yearning to bring more creativity into her life and went to establish two businesses - The Creative Lodge and Flojo.
You can find Katie at:
website - www.flojo.com.au

I really hope you have gotten a lot out of our interview with Katie and I can't wait to hear about your journaling experiences going forward!

Please share your answers in the comments OR if you feel more comfortable you can email me directly on [email protected]!

I look forward to seeing all your responses 🥰

Love and light,

Danni xx

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