5 Key Rituals for Intentional Living

Apr 14, 2021

How often have you felt like you’re just doing the “thing”, going through the motions and just surviving your every day?

You don’t enjoy anything from making your meals, having a shower, saying goodnight to the kids…..goodness you’re even going through the motions with your partner during sex!

Starting and ending your day with language like “I have to cook dinner”, “I need to diet”, “I have to clean my house” sets you up to live a life of no purpose and dare I say resentment!

To live intentionally means you can flow through life on your terms.  To be authentic and to truly have a strong sense of fulfilment.


I would love to see what your daily routine looks like once you have implemented these rituals.
Please share with me in the comments below, reach out to me on instagram @danniveecoach or email me directly on [email protected]!

I look forward to seeing all your responses 🥰

Love and light,

Danni xx

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